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How Do I Create a Static or Animated Logo?

Follow These Instructions:

(1) Use only PNG images.
(2) For animated logos, rename your images sequentially using numbers: ie: 1.PNG, 2.PNG, 3.PNG, etc…
(3) Place your images into a new folder.
(4) Place your new folder into the Custom Desktop Logo directory under the "System" -> "Images" folder.
(5) Click the "Change Image Folder" button in the "Select Images" tab of the Custom Desktop Logo settings panel. Select the folder that your image(s) are in.
(6) Change the other settings of the program to suit your needs.

Why Do I Have to Use PNG Images Only?

PNG images have alpha channel data as part of the image format and Custom Desktop Logo uses this data to create smooth, professional looking graphics. Most other popular image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, and BMP, do not have alpha channel data and if rendered to a desktop setting, look unprofessional. It is possible to render other image formats to the desktop but during coding, I chose not to allow it because of the poor results that would occur otherwise.

How Did This Program Get Created?

This program was the result of this thread: at DonationCoder and was coded by Eric Wong

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